Price: 57.44

Today's Change: 0.66

Today's Percent Change: -4.81%

Today's Volume: 82143

Average Daily Volume: 164705

52 week low: 45.3

52 week high: 61.49

Market cap: 2870000000.0

EBITDA: 336780000.0

EBITDA / market_cap: 11.73%

Earnings per Share (EPS): 2.19

EPS / price: 3.81%

Dividend Yield: 0.57%

Dividend per share: 0.32

Book value: 22.91

Price to Book Ratio: 2.48

Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio: 26.2

Price to Earnings Growth (PEG) Ratio: 2.05

Price to Sales (P/S) Ratio: 3.93

Short Ratio: 0.0

Exchange: "NYQ"

Short term: DOWN (Previous: DOWN)

Mid term: DOWN (Previous: DOWN)

Long term: UP (Previous: UP)

Support: 56.56

Resistance: 57.86

Pivot point: 57.37

SMA 10: 58.14

SMA 50: 57.74

SMA 100: 55.89

RSI 10: 38.27

RSI 50: 52.91

RSI 100: 55.11

EMA 10: 58.39

EMA 50: 57.63

EMA 100: 55.29


Based on 5 buy signals and 7 sell signals

Previous signal: hold




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@SwingTradeBot: Outside Day today: $HST $SVM $TRTN $CDXS $LGND $KN $VSS $ENB $WPC $MTDR $EDC $DSLV $SSRM $ORA $DX $VOD $TQQQ $DUST…

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