Price: 207.38

Today's Change: -3.57

Today's Percent Change: -1.50%

Today's Volume: 684837

Average Daily Volume: 1236340

52 week low: 169.43

52 week high: 286.57

Market cap: 18250000000.0

EBITDA: 1940000000.0

EBITDA / market_cap: 10.63%

Earnings per Share (EPS): 11.42

EPS / price: 5.51%

Dividend Yield: 0.0%

Dividend per share: 0.0

Book value: 9.88

Price to Book Ratio: 21.35

Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio: 18.17

Price to Earnings Growth (PEG) Ratio: 1.24

Price to Sales (P/S) Ratio: 2.12

Short Ratio: 1.4

Exchange: "NMS"

Short term: DOWN (Previous: DOWN)

Mid term: DOWN (Previous: UP)

Long term: DOWN (Previous: UP)

Support: 254.13

Resistance: 257.46

Pivot point: 256.09

SMA 10: 251.68

SMA 50: 262.21

SMA 100: 267.51

RSI 10: 50.01

RSI 50: 46.40

RSI 100: 47.90

EMA 10: 250.16

EMA 50: 264.24

EMA 100: 269.75


Based on 0 buy signals and 12 sell signals

Previous signal: strong sell




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